CPA is committed to the sustainability and viability of community pharmacy.

Buy with confidence.
Focus on what matters most.
Spend your time how you want.

Anchoring pharmacy in communities.

As a CPA member, your whole business is supported; the market-leading economics are just an added perk.

CPA unites independent pharmacies and empowers them to thrive. Over three decades, we've achieved an unparalleled record of success by making members our number one priority. Let us show you the impact CPA will make for you.

With a straightforward, sustainable deal and superior support, you have more time to:
  Counsel patients
  Connect with peers
  Network with providers
  Enhance services
  Explore opportunities

Plus, you get insights, reports, and information to stay connected and aware of market trends and dynamics.

Your patients turn to you as a trusted partner, invested in their well-being. You deserve the same.

For Your Pharmacy’s Future. For Your Business Today.

You’re a vital part of your community.

Let’s keep it that way.

The path to sustainable profitability is about more than filling scripts. CPA is here to support you as your pharmacy grows and conditions change, so you can focus on people, not products. Independent pharmacies play an essential role in the patient care continuum. Let CPA strengthen and stabilize your business today for tomorrow.

CPA members benefit from:
  Access to Cencora - a full line wholesaler with ancillary programs
  No strings attached, "gotcha" economics
  An accessible, responsive, and knowledgeable support team

And as a cooperative, led by a forward-thinking, passionate management team and governed by a respected group of member-owners serving as the Board of Directors, we are driven to do what's best for members. Always.

Simply put, CPA is a better buying group.

Find Out What CPA Can Do For You.

Assess your current situation with these four questions. If you answer yes to two or more it's a sign that you should reach out and speak with us.


Is your deal inconsistent, wildly variable, and not keeping up with the market?


Do you have little to no support and lack confidence in your current arrangement?


Is your partner more concerned with their bottom line, than yours?


Has your pharmacy become less profitable for reasons you do not understand?

There are deals of all shapes and sizes in the market, and no shortage of ways they are presented to make them look good. Often an arrangement seems competitive on paper but hidden costs, contract terms, and unachievable metrics can hurt, rather than help, your bottom line.

At CPA, the deal is the deal. And with one in ten independent pharmacies choosing CPA as their buying group partner, you probably know at least a few of them.

Let's connect so you can see if CPA is right for you.

Current CPA members:

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